BBC M. Harper to Eritrea tyrant: Quit Ethiopia excuse for tyrannical reign in Eritrea

28 February 2017

Exactly what Eritrea tyrant and lackeys needed to hear! That was the concluding remark of a speech of BBC's Marry Harper,yet another Eritrea tyrant's apologist, delivered in Seminar attended by mainly Eritrea tyrant's lackeys at Birkbeck University following her visit to Eritrea that made a lot of news last year.

Ms Mary pleaded passionately with the tyrant to give up blaming 16-year old Ethiopia war, border issue, state of no war no peace long story for all that is and has gone wrong in Eritrea. She said "It is a bad PR, it is not helping any one really"!

Indeed, this the tyrant's and his lackeys line of argument has become a cliché and is not selling either, one might add! That certainly is not what the tyrant and his lackeys wanted to hear!

The video of the seminar was released this time, on Friday 25 Feb 2017, by the tyrant's propaganda agency in London, aka Embassy Media, because the bad news at the end of the seminar was preceded by sweeteners designed to make the closing bad news palatable: The video begins with all the things that Eritrea tyrant's lackeys want to hear before they got hit with the concluding bad news!