UNCHR34: Damning Follow Up Report of Eritrea tyrant's Crimes against Humanity

13 March 2017

UNCHR34, Geneva, Switzerland- At the 34th Session of the Human Rights Council today, 13 March 2017, In accordance with her mandate, the Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Eritrea, Ms Sheila B. Keetharuth, delivered a damning follow up oral report of Eritrea tyrant, Isias Afarqi, Crimes against Humanity. The report culminated in Calls to expedite the recommendations of the UN Commission on Human Rights in Eritrea, COI, and to call Eritrea tyrant to task in front of the ICC for crimes against humanity.

The response of Eritrea tyrant's agent was cut off prematurely for exceeding the allotted time, hence not allowed to completing his rebuttal!

The United States once again reiterated in no uncertain terms: "The United Stands firmly with the Eritrean people not with Eritrea tyrant and supports their pursuit of the protection of all their Human Rights." Below video of the session recorded live: