Eritrea: Popular Slave Labor disguised as 'Popular road renovation campaign'

30 March 2017

Eritrea tyrant Isias Afareqi has made no secret of subjecting Eritreans to free labor under various disguises like 'National Military/non-Military Service'. This one is slave labor under the guise of 'popular campaign'! What is it? In the vocabulary of Eritrea tyrant & Co., 'popular campaign' is another term used to subject the people to months-long free labor! Last week hundreds of villagers, mainly elderly men and women, were summoned to engage in the repair of public roads in their communities for free using mainly their bare fingers/hands - what do you call unpaid labor other than slave labor?  Watch this slave labor under the guise of 'popular campaign' live below courtesy of the tyrant's own propaganda tv station, ERiTV and read the corresponding article posted on again the tyrant's own propaganda website also provided below: