US Sanctions Eritrea tyrant for INKSNA Sanctions busting activities

03 April 2017

On Thursday, 30 March 2017, the US announced in a 'Special Briefing' via Teleconference that it hit Eritrea tyrant Isias Afarqi et al with fresh sanctions for violating '
Iran, North Korea, and Syria Nonproliferation Act', INKSNA, re North Korea in the case of Eritrea tyrant.

The State Department Official declined to elaborate on that for obvious reasons: The US knows what it knows and needs to know about Eritrea tyrant's INKSNA busting illicit activities and has acted accordingly! Period!
As expected, today Eritrea tyrant issued a brief Press Release charging the US with 'misguided policy', 'unwarranted act', and evil intent!

This whole thing comes at a time when Eritrea tyrant and their own admission are hoping against hope for the UN Chapter VII Sanctions against the tyrant to be reviewed/lifted this month! By the way, the US has the Presidency of the UN Security Council for this month of April.