UNSC Briefing: Eritrea tyrant remains adamantly noncompliant, gets an earful for it   

15 April 2017

United Nations, New York-- On Thursday, 13 April, 2017, The UN Security Council heard a briefing by  Kazakhstan Ambassador Kairat Umarov in his capacity as the Chairman of the Council's Somalia, Eritrea Sanctions Committee. The briefing is basically a succinct preview of the imminent Report (to be submitted next week, 21 April, 2017) of the UN Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group: Eritrea tyrant remains adamantly noncompliant even in the words of the tyrant's agent at the UN! For that, the tyrant got an earful from the Council. The UK had to remind the tyrant he is under Chapter VII UN Sanction! Below a video excerpt of the said session: