Horror in Sweden: Brutalized by Eritrea tyrant lackeys inside Stockholm event

04 May 2017

Eritrea tyrant's lackeys in Sweden put out a flyer, see below, in Tigrigna language calling
ALLEritreans residing in Stockholm to a 'Current Affairs' seminar on 01 May 2017. Come 1 May, this is what happened inside the seminar hall:
A female Eritrean made a polite move to pose a question to the Speakers but was brutalized to a screaming call for help, watch video clip below.
Another Eritrean stood up with the Flyer in his hand politely asking why not all Eritreans are granted access to the event. For that he too got brutalized and thrown out of the hall! Video below!  

By the way the theme of the seminar was 'Finding cure to the Holland Syndrome aka Post Holland Stress Disease (PHSD) that Eritrea tyrant & Co. have been afflicted with!