Sudan: Who said Eritrea tyrant won't take back deported Eritrean refugees? 

06 September 2017

To the world, Eritrea tyrant Isias Afarqi & Co. are known for their  "We don't take back Eritreans deported against their will"  mantra. To the refugees this mantra may sound good for obvious reasons, but how about this: "Sudan deports over 100 Eritrean refugees last Month of August, 2017". That renders the tyrant's mantra utterly fake in every sense of the word! The tyrant's mantra was coined in order to prevent the tyrant's eventual demise brought  about by the returning huge number of deported Refugees and if the tyrant has to go down then he doesn't want to go down empty-pocketed either! For more, listen to Sudanese Radio Dabanga broadcast in Arabic and read its report in English below: