Switzerland: Eritreans Not Economic Refugees, No Forced Deportation

10 September 2017

It is official! The Swiss ultimate head of migration, Mr. Mario Gattiker, has in no uncertain terms declared Live on the Swiss TV Station SRF's 'political magazine 'Rundschau'(video below in German language) on Wednesday, 6 September 2017, that Eritrean Refugees in Switzerland are not economic refugees and that those whose asylum request has been turned down will not be deported forcibly to Eritrea or in the Minister's own words 'only voluntary return to Eritrea is possible'.

Summary of the Report: Asmara the capital, recently named UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site. Eritrea: No elections, no constitution, no parliament, no political opposition, no independent judiciary, documented blatant violation of Human Rights, UN-Sanctioned, Orwellian surveillance system, people impoverished and oppressed. Below excerpts of the Q&A that followed the report:

Moderator: Mr. Secretary, does the report match with what you know about Eritrea?
Secretary Gattiker: Emphatic Yes. Then adds 'The National Service that most Eritreans are fleeing is in reality Forced Labor (modern euphemism for Slave Labor).

Moderator: Let me get this one more time: Eritreans are Not Economic Regugee. Is that right?
Secretary Gattiker: Again an emphatic YES.

Moderator: Your boss, Minister of Justice Simmonetta Sommaruga said 2 years ago that Eritrea is Outlaw State.
                   Is Eritrea today Outlaw State?
Gattiker: Yes Eritrea today is outlaw state

Moderator: Regarding the recent Federal court decision. Eritrea tyrant does not take back deported Eritreans.
                  How do you intend to impliment the court's decision?
Gattiker: No forcible deprtation of Eritreans whose asylum request has been turned down. VOLUNTARY 

Moderator: How do people return voluntarily to a country you hold as Outlaw State
Gattiker: That is unfortunate

Moderator: In closing, what do you say to Switzerland's Gold Deal with a certified Outlaw State Eritrea?
Gattiker: The government does not interfere in the business of private Swiss Firms. All we can do is demand utter transparency.

Moderator: We appreciate your services to our country and your willingness to appear in our show.
Gattiker: merci beaucoup or in his own words 'merci vielmals!