Eritrea Tyrant Capitulates, Pledges To Engage With Countries He's At Odds With!

01 October 2017

United Nations, New York - Addressing the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly via his Foreign Emissary, aka FM, last week, 23 September 2017, Eritrea tyrant Isas Afarqi pledged loud and clear: "
Eritrea takes the initiative to engage with all countries, including those who differ with it." This is a clean and straightforward pledge without ifs, but's, or preconditions! The pledge is certainly music to the ears of the tyrant's prominent country that he is at odds or to use the tyrant's word differ with: Ethiopia, whose PM has not long ago been heard saying he is ready and willing to travel to Asmara if Eritrea tyrant would only open up to talks to resolve their differences (video clip appended). The pledge is a total departure from the tyrant's hitherto unwavering mantra: "No talks or engagement in any form or shape with Ethiopia until and unless Ethiopia first withdraws from occupied sovereign Eritrean territory" and capitulation to persistent international calls for Eritrea tyrant to engage with Ethiopia to resolve their differences!