Eritrea tyrant's Bluff: No more 'my way or the hell'; Regional/Int'l coop sine qua non!

11 October 2017

On Saturday, 7 October 2017, Eritrea tyrant Isias Afarqi appeared on his propaganda TV Station, ERiTV, Tigrigna Language,(video below) and killed and buried there and then his decades-long, patented, and firm MO 'My way or the highway' that led the tyrant to persisting & persistent often bloody feuds with his immediate neighbors like Ethiopia, Djibouti and even Sudan, as destructive and vowed in no uncertain terms to bow to international norms like Regional/International Cooperation/consensus that he dubbed sine qua non not optional in this 21st century! That sounds more like a bluff than anything else for certified tyrant yielding to international norms is tantamount to committing political suicide! It's a ploy designed to perpetuate Isias Afarqi's tyrannical reign and Outlaw State Eritrea. Time will tell!