@UNGA72: No Pity for Holland Conference Denied Eritrea Tyrant's Lackeys

25 October 2017

United Nations, New York - At the 25th meeting of the UN's Third Committee re 'Promotion and protection of Human Rights including the human rights of migrants' at UNGA72 on Friday, 20 October, 2017,  the UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, Mr. F. Gonzalez Morales, downplayed Eritrea tyrant's UN agent claim that Holland (not mentioned by name) denied Eritrean migrants their right to link with their country of origin by not granting them permission for a major conference towards that end and advised him to cooperate with the Dutch authorities and to seek proper consular consultations in response to his call for help in the face of the tyrant's Holland Nightmare!

With that Eritrea tyrant Agent's attempt to generate pity/sympathy for the misfortune of Eritrea tyrant's lackeys re their nixed conference in Holland on the one hand, and outrage over Holland's action on the other hand failed miserably! For more watch provided video clip below: