Somalia blasts Eritrea tyrant for gross HR abuses, Djibouti POWs, backs COI Report

29 October 2017

United Nations, New York--At the 32nd meeting of UN's Third Committee re 'Promotion and protection of Human Rights' at UNGA72 on Thursday, 26 October, 2017, Somalia soundly condemned Eritrea tyrant for gross violations of Human Rights, incommunicado detention of Djibouti POWs and reaffirmed its firm backing of the Report of the Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea (COI) in spite of the conciliatory letter Eritrea tyrant reportedly sent to the President of Somalia, first ever such letter to Somalia, in the face of horrendous truck bombing in Mogadishu nearly 10 days ago that was announced in Tigrigna Language on the tyrant's propaganda TV station, ERiTV, appended to the video clip of Somalia representative's said UN statement provided here. Eritrea tyrant's agent on site had nothing to say to that!