Asmara Protest Participant Speaks Out: Eritrea Tyrant Helicoptered Out Of Town

02 November 2017

Several footings are surfacing regarding the 31 October 2017 Protest Demonstration in Asmara, Eritrea. One participant of the Protest Demononstration is speaking out: Asmara was no more safe to Eritrea tyrant so the tyrant was helicoptered out of town before the Demonstrators could reach his office! Secondly, the Head of the Islamic School the Mufti sought cover in the Embassy of Sudan equally before the demonstrators could reach his office! Ther Recording is in Tigrigna Language and provided below courtesy of Beko Tube on Facebook. Below is also a new video that surfaced today showing Eritrea tyrant's troops storming the Islamic School. One can hear people screaming, 'don't shoot', while Eritrea tyrant's troops could be heard calling 'shoot'em all' (bel-lom, in Tigrigna)!

Alarmed by that, the US Embassy in Asmara issued the following warning to US citizens at the time.