Eritrea tyrant's UN agent sponsors hostile Resolution, becomes UN Laughingstock

19 November 2017

United Nations, New York - At the 48th meeting of UN Third Committee on Thursday, 16 Nov 2017, Eritrea tyrant's UN agent's ridiculous attempt to disassociate themselves from a hostile resolution of the Africa Group in support of the Report of the Human Rights Council  they co-sponsored after the resolution was adopted by overwhelming vote by way of the 'explanation of vote after the vote' instance was nipped in the bud and ruled inadmissible right away by the chair rendering the tyrant's agent UN laughingstock! The chair allowed the tyrant's agent to say whatever they want in the form of 'general statement', the agent concurred and huge laughter broke out for good reasons: It is meaningless for it won't change the fact the tyrant's agent supported, co-sponsored, and voted for a hostile resolution. Whatever the agent said will neither be part of the adopted hostile resolution nor included in the record! With that, the agents futile attempt to have it both ways: Support the Africa initiative on the one hand and distancing from the resolution on the other hand, so to speak, has terribly and embarrassingly failed!  Watch this utterly embarrassing moment below: