Zimbabwe recap: Army intervenes, Mugabe exits -wake-up call to Eritrea tyrant, ilk

25 November 2017

The message of Zimbabwe's Army to Eritrea tyrant and his ilks is: The armed forces have both the responsibility and obligation to protect the cause of their respective Nations, in our case  independent, free and democratic Eritrea that remains illusive nearly 3 decades and counting!

 "When it comes to matters of protecting our revolution, the millitary will not hesitate to step in", General Constantino Chiwenga, Commander of Zibabwean Armed Force.

Below a brief recap of the recent events in Zambabwe that lead to uncermonious ouster of President Robert Mugabe after nearly 4 Decades of unchallenged brutal reign.



Eritrea tyrant & Co. in denial about Mugabe's forced resignation!