UN: Japan calls for close coordination of Eritrea, Somalia, Yemen & Iran Sanctions

28 December 2017

United Nations, New York-- Eritrea tyrant's Chapter VII UN Sanctions nightmare won't end! Forget separating the Eritrea/Somali Sanctions committee blabber or lifting Eritrea tyrant Sanctions altogether mantra! Japan, current president of the UN Security Council is calling for and underscoring the importance of close coordination of the works of the Eritrea, Somalia, Yemen, Iran Sanctions Committees! Japan's Ambassador Koro Bessho made those remarks last week,19 December 2017, during Security Council briefing on the implementation of resolution 2231 (2015), which endorsed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on Iran's nuclear programme. Watch video clip below

KORO BESSHO (Japan) said his country was committed to working closely with IAEA, the Council, and the Joint Plan of Action signatories to implement resolution 2231 (2015).  He expressed concern about some alleged violations of the arms embargo and travel ban provisions.  As the Secretariat investigated ballistic missile related transfers or activities, Japan was awaiting those results.  He called on all Member States, including Iran, to fully implement the resolution, and underscored the importance of close coordination with other Council sanctions committees related to Yemen, Somalia and Eritrea.  He also expressed full support to convening a joint meeting of the sanction committees regarding resolutions 2140 (2014) and 2231 (2015) so that Council members could receive respective findings simultaneously." Un.org summary of Japan's Ambassador statement.