Eritrea tyrant bids to accept deported Eritrean refugees for as low as US$50K ea.

21 January 2018

Got a problem with Eritrean refugees? Worry no more! Eritrea tyrant isias aforqi is now accepting deported, voluntarily or against their will, Eritrean refugees for as low as US$50,000 each!

The tyrant made this announcement during a televised Q&A session in Tigrigna Language with actors of his propaganda TV Station, ERiTV , on Saturday, 20 January 2018, when confronted with the issue of 35-40 thousand Eritrean refugees in Israel that are currently facing deportation to a third country or indefinite Israeli jail. The tyrant said Israel did not fall for his offer, instead Israel opted for better deals with Rwanda and Uganda .   Below a clip of the tyrant's announcement in Tigrigna Language: