Israel pulls ENDLÖSUNG on African Refugees: Force Out or let Rot in Jail en bloc

07 February 2018

The term 'Endlösung' is an abbreviatioin for ""Endlösung der Judenfrage" ("final solution to the Jewish Question"), Hitlers murderous answer to European Jews. Today, Israel's at long last answer though not murderous but utterly brutal to the question of African Refugees, mainly Eritreans, Israel's Final Solution to African refugees: Force them out and dump them in Africa or throw them in jail indefinitely and let them rot and eventually perish en masse there is eerily reminiscent of the 'ENDLÖSUNG'. And the Holot detention center too is  reminiscent of Ausschwitz! Moreover, Israel's choice to dump Africans in Africa not in Europe, Australia or North America where the refugees are accepted causes one to smell a rat! More, including video, below: