2% Diaspora Tax Scam Exposé: Confessions of Expelled Eritrea Tyrant NL Envoy 

03 February 2018

Last month, On January 17, 2018, the Netherlands declared Eritrea tyrant's chargé d'affaires to the country, Mr. Tekeste Ghebremedhin Zemuy, persona non grata for forcing expat Eritreans to pay '2% Diaspora Tax'. Mr. Zemuy does not deny the charge, he says he had to do it because it so ordered by the tyrant in control of the land.

The story of Eritrea tyrant's '2% Diaspora Tax Scam' boils down to this:

We force them to pay by not forcing them: Meaning we create a
sine qua non kind of situation, like consular service for purposes of acquiring document vital for processing asylum applications or regular civil services at home, that forces them to pay not that it is required by law or willingly but for fear of otherwise being denied of all kinds of vital documents! Extortion par excellence for all to witness!
Below video of Mr. Zemuy's confession regarding this  matter courtesy of the Roberson Report @ AVMEDEA.com: