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Eritrea Wants President Dos Santos Mediation in Conflict With Ethiopia

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Eritrea requests President Jose Eduardo dos Santos mediation in the conflict with Ethiopia

Luanda, 03/25 - The Republic of Eritrea Thursday in Luanda appealed to Angolan head of State, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, to "counsel" Ethiopia to abide by Hague International Tribunal ruling on demarcation of the border between the two countries.

The appeal was made at an audience president Jose Eduardo Dos Santos granted to the Eritrea`s special envoy, Tesfamatel Geratu, who seized the occasion to hand a message from his president, Isaías Afwoaki.

He said that he transmitted his Government`s wish so see Angolan head of State play a role, so that all commitments are fulfilled, said Tesfamatel Geratu, who is also his country`s ambassador to South Africa.

Speaking to journalist after a 30-minute audience, the diplomat said that president Dos Santos` reply was positive.

On the other hand, Tesfamatel Geratu stressed that although there are no formal relations between the two Governments, Eritrea always supported the liberation struggle against colonialism.

He said as well there was a strong relationship between his country and Angola, adding that concrete actions are now required.

In future, he stated, all these matters could be discussed with Angolan Foreign Ministry.

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