Request to respect UN/International code for naming/listing member states


To: Marie Okabe

Spokesperson of UN Secretary General

At the United Nations

New York, New York, USA


Dear Madame:


Please allow me to turn to you as a matter of courtesy and with the hope for your immediate action regarding the following humble pointer:


Dear Madame


As you very well know, the UN follows an established code in naming and listing of member states in alphabetical order. In that sense, Eritrea precedes Ethiopia and the UN has no reason not to name them in that order whenever the two countries are referred to, for whatever reason and in whatever context.


Dear Madame


It is also my understanding that the UN Adopted this code rightly to avoid misunderstandings, misconceptions, and innuendos that others might read into the manner member states are listed and named. Please advise if I were wrong in this.


Dear Madame


Having said that, it has certainly not escaped your attention that when it comes to Eritrea and Ethiopia, the reverse order of things is applied as in UNMEE:"UN Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea",  "the Ethiopia-Eritrea Algiers peace agreement", or as in your latest statement regarding Mr. Axworthy's appointment as UNSG's special envoy for "Ethiopia-Eritrea". This order of naming/listing Eritrea and Ethiopia might have been established as such. But that is wrong and is no excuse not to get it right when brought to your/UNSG's attention because it simply defies the established international/UN code/norm for listing/naming of member states in English alphabetical order.


Dear Madame


It is, therefore, with that in mind that I appeal to you to respect the international/UN code for listing/naming member states and to take immediate action to rectify this matter. Thank you.


Dear Madame

I greatly appreciate you immediate cooperation in this matter and I hope to hear from you soon one way or the other.


Respectfully and sincerely,


For Team



PS.: Please forward to, and  thanks.