Africans undure on UN fielding Darfur force
Mar 1, 2006

The African Union appears to have second thoughts about handing over its mission to U.N. command. Full Article

Eritrea: Teenager wins Red Sea state's toughest cycling race

26 Feb, 2006

Somali president appeals for unity as parliament meets at home

Clashes as Museveni poll win rejected by Uganda opposition
26 Feb, 2006

UGANDA: Museveni claims victory in disputed election

25 Feb, 2006

Opposition claims there vote

US Urges Transparent Investigation of Uganda Election Complaints
VoA News  24-Feb-06

A woman casts her ballot at a polling station in Kampala, Feb. 23, 2006

Iraq edges closer to civil war following bombing
23 Feb, 2006
BAGHDAD (Reuters) -More than 130 people were killed in bloodshed across Iraq a day after a suspected al Qaeda bomb destroyed a major Shi'ite shrine.
  Full Article | Video



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  ERITREA Rejects New Moves To Re-negotiate
     Border Issue

 28 Feb 06
  Eritrea not receptive to calls for a meet with
     Boundary Panel

 27 Feb 06
  Asmara, Eritrea: The Art Deco gem backing in the
     African sun

 27 Feb 06
  Eritrea: Teenager wins Red Sea state's toughest
     cycling race

26 Feb 06
  Boundary Commission to call Eritrea, Ethiopia to

24 Feb 06
  Eritrea, Ethiopia: UNSC on statement of Algiers

24 Feb 06
  Witnesses press Eritrea, Ethiopia on peace deal
23 Feb 06
  Eritrea, Ethiopia: Statement by witnesses to
     Algiers Agreement
  Incl. Link to org. doc.
23 Feb 06
  Eritrea releases all but two detained UN staff - UN
     23 Feb 06
  Ethiopia: Protesters engaged in violence, so did
     the Gov.,-US

 22 Feb 06 
  Eritrea: Refugee Trust sowing some seeds of

21 Feb 06  
  Ethiopia: Gov. media claims police foil alleged
     opp. terror plot

20 Feb 06 
  Eritrea: Toughest cycling race begins 2400m
     above sea level

18 Feb 06
  Eritrea: Expense on border issue too high- World

18 Feb 06
  Eritrea: 15 UN staffers released, 10 remain
     detained- UN

17 Feb 06
  Eritrea: Pride, anger, and memories of war for
     port Massawa

16 Feb 06
  Eritrea: Amb. Bolton's remarks regarding local
     UN employees

16 Feb 06
  Eritrea expels six Italian NGOs, aid workers say
16 Feb 06
  Eritrea: No arrests, UN staffers picked up for
     'national service'

16 Feb 06
  Eritrea, Ethiopia both in violation of Algiers pact-
     J. Frazer

15 Feb 06
  Ethiopia: Meles can weather political storm-

15 Feb 06
  UN: Eritrea detains 13 UN staff, 30 more in hiding
     14 Feb 06
  Out of Africa, and in limbo
14 Feb 06
  Somalia: Warlords vow to work together, end

13 Feb 06
  Eritrea detains UN national staff - diplomats
13 Feb 06
  Blair turns his back on friend, Ethiopia PM,  who
     failed him

13 Feb 06
  Ethiopia ruler Meles, PM Blair see eye to eye at 
     SA summit

11 Feb 06
  Eritrea flight ban again prevents medevac of ill

10 Feb 06
  Eritrea/Ethiopia/Iran: Remarks by Amb. JR
     Bolton, 8 Feb 2006

09 Feb 06
  Eritrea not impressed by US diplomacy on border

09 Feb 06
  Eritrea, Ethiopia: Keep status quo for another 30
     days, UNSC
 Bolton on Video Clip
08 Feb 06
  Eritrea assails UN over charges of Darfur rebel

08 Feb 06
  Ethiopia: Warning over misuse of Irish
     development aid

07 Feb 06
  Lebanon blacklists Eritrea Airliner and others
     Citing Safety

06 Feb 06
  UGANDA: Defying the 'African Way'
06 Feb 06
  100 Ethiopians deported
06 Feb 06
  Let’s follow British lead on aid to Ethiopia
05 Feb 06
  Unions slam progressive summit over Ethiopia 
04 Feb 06
  Ethiopian community turns to SA for help
04 Feb 06
  US Assumes UNSC Presidency– Eritrea, Ethiopia
     on, Darfur?

03 Feb 06
  Ethiopian art linked to ages
 03 Feb 06
  Somaliland: 'Ethiopia would be last to give 

       03 Feb 06
  Arms ban best way to fight poverty in Africa - UN

02 Feb 06
  Anger as papers reprint cartoons of Muhammad
02 Feb 06 
  Eritrea, Ethiopia swap charges in tense border

 02 Feb 06
  ETHIOPIA: Food Aid Addiction
02 Feb 06
  Eritrea, Ethiopia: Amb. Frazer  very wrong on
     border decision
    Video Clip
01 Feb 06 
  Not Eritrea, Ethiopia says details still needed on
     border issue

01 Feb 06 
  Sudan: Fight at Darfur peace talks, AU expels
     rebel delegates

01 Feb 06 
  Trouble looms in Somalia as PM rejects sit of

01 Feb 06
  NGOs Losing Privileged Status
31 Jan 06
  Eritrea: Inaction in Ethiopia manifests int'l.
     double standard

31 Jan 06
  When corporate hospitality inspires hostility
31 Jan 06 
  Sudan boycotts Danish products over offense to

31 Jan 06
  Africa's hunger - a systemic crisis
31 Jan 06
  DJIBOUTI: Khat dominates male life in this tiny

30 Jan 06
  Sub-Saharan Africa economy: Digging deep
30 Jan 06
  Ethiopia: A Modest Proposal & Open Letter to M.

30 Jan 06

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     13 April 2002
People in Addis Ababa   
celebrated the decision

Humans are forgetful, but history  persists, and Pics tell it all 
INITIALLY, Ethiopia indeed  ACCEPTED the border decision