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There is no dispute in the Horn
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  Eritrea wants to repair aircraft, air defence
    systems in Belarus

17 Feb 05
 ERITREA-ETHIOPIA: UNSC deliberates, Brits for
    EEBC ruling

16 Feb 05 
 Eritrea/Ethiopia: Implement border ruling per
    Algiers pact, EU

14 Feb 05
 Eritrea: Time has stood still after border war with

14 Feb 05
 Eritrea: New airport, hotels to boost coastline

13 Feb 05
 Eritrea: President to visit China 17 February
12 Feb 05
 Eritrea/Ethiopia: Talks long over Gen. Smith,
    verdict out 4/13/02

11 Feb 05
  Eritrea: Prof. Jon Abbink on Badme, EEBC and its

11 Feb 05
 Eritrea will not send peacekeepers to Somalia -

10 Feb 05
 Eritrea/Ethiopia: A new row over ancient

   10 Feb 05
 Eritrea, Saudi Arabia sign 20m US dollar loan

08 Feb 05
 Rice required to act on Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, and

08 Feb 05
 Eritrea/Ethiopia: EEBC has the last word, it has
    spoken; it's over

 08 Feb 05
  Eritrea has "hand" in Port Sudan clashes,
    Sudanese governor
02 Feb 05
 Eritrea/Ethiopia: There's nothing to "give &
    take" prez Obasanjo

31 Jan 05
 Eritrea: Hope and heartbreak of a fledgling state
27 Jan 05
 Eritrea: Badme query, good question wrong
25 Jan 05
 Eritrea: Daily, Badme worth the unrest over the
    border decision?

24 Jan 05
 Eritrea/Ethiopia: Why seek a solution, when
    there’s already one?

23 Jan 05
 Eritrea: Ethiopia proves its defiance, registers
    voters in Badme

22 Jan 05
 Eritrea/Ethiopia: Mr. Axworthy, any effort to
    uphold Algiers pact?

21 Jan 05
 Eritrea/Ethiopia: UNSC needs to rein in UN envoy
    L. Axworthy

20 Jan 05


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             13 April 2002
      People in Addis Ababa   
      celebrated the decision
   Humans are forgetful, but history 
    persists, and Pics tell it all

      INITIALLY, Ethiopia indeed 
      ACCEPTED the border decision