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There is no dispute in the Horn
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  Eritrea/Ethiopia: There's nothing to "give &
    take" prez Obasanjo

31 Jan 05
 Eritrea: Hope and heartbreak of a fledgling state
27 Jan 05
 Eritrea: Badme query, good question wrong
25 Jan 05
 Eritrea: Daily, Badme worth the unrest over the
    border decision?

24 Jan 05
 Eritrea/Ethiopia: Why seek a solution, when
    there’s already one?

23 Jan 05
 Eritrea: Ethiopia proves its defiance, registers
    voters in Badme

22 Jan 05
 Eritrea/Ethiopia: Mr. Axworthy, any effort to
    uphold Algiers pact?

21 Jan 05
 Eritrea/Ethiopia: UNSC needs to rein in UN envoy
    L. Axworthy

20 Jan 05
 Eritrea/Ethiopia: France reiterates, border ruling
    final & binding

18 Jan 05
 Eritrea: 2.3 million drought-stricken people
    need food aid, UN

18 Jan 05 
 Eritrea: UN's Axworthy running amok lying about
    border issue

17 Jan 05
 Eritrea/Ethiopia: Even an Assab-maniac accepts
    finality of ruling

16 Jan 05
 Eritrea/Ethiopia: Axworthy relegates EEBC to
    central role player

16 Jan 05
 Eritrea/Ethiopia: EEBC sole authority not central
    role player here

15 Jan 05
 Eritrea-Ethiopia: No rancor, defiance of the norm
    hurting people

14 Jan 05
 Eritrea: Nevsun Resources Ltd. to Resume Work
   14 Jan 05
 Eritrea/Ethiopia: PM at a loss to explain his
    defiant stance

13 Jan 05
 Eritrea/Ethiopia: Cheers for the obvious, Russia
    joins the fray

13 Jan 05
 Eritrea/Ethiopia: PM Meles reiterates defiance of
    border ruling

13 Jan 05
 Eritrea/Ethiopia: UN envoy fails to implicate US in
    peace fraud

11 Jan 05
 Eritrea/Ethiopia: Dear Editor, in Agreement with

10 Jan 05
 Eritrea: OEA Hails Sudanese Peace Agreement
10 Jan 05
 Eritrea/Ethiopia: Spain adopts UN, EU stance on
    border issue

07 Jan 05
 UN refutes Eritrea's claim of Ethiopia's
    preparation for war

06 Jan 05
 Eritrea/Ethiopia: Algiers Peace Accord prevails
06 Jan 05
 Eritrea seeks talks with Nevsun, Sunridge
06 Jan 05
 Eritrea Websites: Mainstream versus Potpourri
06 Jan 05
 Eritrea/Ethiopia: Misguided, ill-informed editorial,
04 Jan 05
 Pancontinental, Hardman: Eritrean MOU null and

04 Jan 05 
 Eritrea: Prez Afewerki accuses Ethiopia of
    preparing for war

03 Jan 05
 Eritrea/Ethiopia: Govt, detractors join to renege
    on Algiers peace

03 Jan 05
 Eritrea on alert for big power bias in border issue
02 Jan 05
 Eritrea/Ethiopia: Demo vs. gov't. when all are on
    same page

02 Jan 05
 Eritrea/Ethiopia: Where there's peace it can only
    be sabotaged

02 Jan 05

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             13 April 2002
      People in Addis Ababa   
      celebrated the decision
   Humans are forgetful, but history 
    persists, and Pics tell it all

      INITIALLY, Ethiopia indeed 
      ACCEPTED the border decision