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ERITREA: 1991 - 2005
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   Eritrea/Ethiopia: Annan appoints yet another D.
     Special Rep.
     29 July 05     
  Ethiopia: It's my way or face consequences, Meles
     warns rivals

     29 July 05  
  Ethiopia: Opposition reject latest ballet results, call
     for re-election

      27 July 05 
  ONLF threatens to thwart Ethiopia's oil deal with

     26 July 05 
  ETHIOPIA: Confusion about election results
     22 July 05
  ERITREA: Seeds and tools provide a lifeline
     21 July 05
  Ethiopia: Electoral fraud probes in disarray
     19 July 05
  Ethiopia: Govt. under fire for defying border ruling,
     election fraud

     14 July 05
  US, EU tell Ethiopia to ensure peaceful ending of
     election crisis

     14 July 05
  Eritrea: Irish bottling firm to fund water project
     12 July 05
  Ethiopia: CUD faces insurrection charges, Air force
     fires 160

     11 July 05
  Eritrea: UNSC urges Ethiopia to full acceptance of
     border ruling

    11 July 05
  Ethiopia: EU urges government, NEB to respect rule of

 11 July 05
  Ethiopia: Opposition parties reject partial poll results
11 July 05
  ETHIOPIA: Opposition and ruling party in a virtual tie,

08 July 05
  Eritrea/Ethiopia: UNSC to tackle border issue on 11

08 July 05 
  G-8: Doing right by Ethiopia
07 July 05 
  ETHIOPIA: Three more pilots flee from the Air force
 07 July 05  
  ERITREA: Drilling programme restarted at diamond

   05 July 05 
  Ethiopia: BBC grills Meles to embarrassment, OK's
        new voting
 04 July 05
  ERITREA: Pakistan offers help to develop oil, gas

 04 July 05
  Ethiopia: Paper raps Bush, Blair for keeping mum over

  03 July 05 
  Ethiopia: Troops impound cars in pay dispute
  03 July 05 
  ETHIOPIA: Why turn a blind eye to tyranny?
03 July 05 
  Ethiopia: Troops indiscriminately kill BBC listeners in

02 July 05 
  ETHIOPIA: PM Meles' shameless response to US

01 July 05
  Ethiopia: G8 urged to censure the ruling Woyané
01 July 05 
  Eritrea receives World Bank Grant to improve Health

     30 June 05 
  ETHIOPIA: Crackdown or slip into the abyss
30 June 05 
  ETHIOPIA: A crisis of leadership
30 June 05
  Eritrea/Sudan: Tensions flare up over eastern
     Sudanese rebels

29 June 05
  ETHIOPIA: Mutiny in the Air Force
29 June 05
  ETHIOPIA: high-tech donkey care
29 June 05
  Sudan threatens Eritrea with "escalation"
29 June 05
  Ethiopia: West residents complain of retaliation by
     ruling party

26 June 05
  Sudan to complain with UNSG and UNSC about Eritrea
26 June 05
  Ethiopia: The Ruthlessness of Africa's Power Show
26 June 05

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             13 April 2002
      People in Addis Ababa   
      celebrated the decision
   Humans are forgetful, but history 
    persists, and Pics tell it all

   INITIALLY, Ethiopia indeed 
   ACCEPTED the border decision