ERITREA: 1890 - 1990
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ERITREA: 1991 - 2005
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Afewerki   Bouteflika    Meles
        June 20
Eritrea Martyrs Day
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   Eritrea receives World Bank Grant to improve Health

      30 June 05  
  ETHIOPIA: Crackdown or slip into the abyss
    30 June 05 
  ETHIOPIA: A crisis of leadership
     30 June 05
  Eritrea/Sudan: Tensions flare up over eastern
     Sudanese rebels

     29 June 05
  ETHIOPIA: Mutiny in the Air Force
     29 June 05
  ETHIOPIA: high-tech donkey care
     29 June 05
  Sudan threatens Eritrea with "escalation"
 29 June 05
  Ethiopia: West residents complain of retaliation by
     ruling party

     26 June 05
  Sudan to complain with UNSG and UNSC about Eritrea
  26 June 05
  Ethiopia: The Ruthlessness of Africa's Power Show
 26 June 05
  Sudan says Eritrea backing rebels
 25 June 05
  Sudan's foreign minister complains to USA about

 24 June 05
  Eritrea: Government seizes vehicles, mine-clearance

 24 June 05
  Ethiopia: Opposition leaders arrive in Brussels upon
     EU invite

 21 June 05
  ETHIOPIA: 'A storeroom of diseases' 
 21 June 05
  Eritrea promises to investigate alleged slaying of a
   18 June 05
  ETHIOPIA: Ogaden rebels claim victory against govt.

  18 June 05
  Ethiopia: Woyané's unblushing fabrication of news 
     about Lidetu

14 June 05
  Repression in Ethiopia
13 June 05
  Ethiopia: Government Rejects Opposition Offer on
     Peace Deal

  13 June 05
  Ethiopia: A whiff of the orange and rose revolutions in
     the air

12 June 05
  Eritrea role cause for early snag in Dafur peace talks
    11 June 05
  Ethiopia: No enough bullets to kill off dissenters,
     Kenyan paper

   11 June 05
  Eritrea: Forza Asmara
  11 June 05
  Ethiopia: Court vindicates opposition, interim poll
     results illegal

  10 June 05
  Ethiopia: Membership on "Africa Commission"

   09 June 05
  Eritrea: UN to distribute seed, tools for June planting

  09 June 05
  Ethiopia: Chaos as police kill 22 during protests, city
     falls apart

    08 June 05
  Ethiopia: Top opposition leader & deputy arrested, EU

     08 June 05
  Eritrea: UNDP restarts project to shield coasstline
     07 June 05
  Eritrea in the Lou
 03 June 05
  Eritrea: Travel reportage- Imperial evidence
02 June 05
  Eritrea: President leaves for Burkina Faso
01 June 05
  Eritrea: Water brings hope to drought stricken

01 June 05
  Eritrea: Sudan lodges complaint with AU on kidnapping

31 May 05
  Somali port for import of nerve gas against Eritrea,
     Somali site

31 May 05
  Eritrea curbs non-government organizations
30 May 05
  Eritrea: Strangled economy hobbles on rocky path
29 May 05
  Eritrea: EriTree completes Water Project successfully
     28 May 05
  Eritrea: Malnutrition rates jump amid funding
     shortfall, UN

27 May 05
  Eritrea/Ethiopia: Annan appoints Adechi new deputy

 25 May 05
  Eritrea/Ethiopia: Asylum seekers demand legitimate

       24 May 05
  Eritrea: Ethiopia "preparing" to attack country,

       24 May 05
  Eritrea: Born 1890, put on death row 1941, eluded
     death 1991

23 May 05

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             13 April 2002
      People in Addis Ababa   
      celebrated the decision
   Humans are forgetful, but history 
    persists, and Pics tell it all

   INITIALLY, Ethiopia indeed 
   ACCEPTED the border decision