Eritrea, Ethiopia
Breakthrough at London talks
11 March 2006

Ethiopia: Addis Ababa hit by fatal blasts
27 March 2006

A damaged minibus after a bomb blast in Addis Ababa, Monday, March 27, 2006. Four bombs exploded in Ethiopia's capital Monday, killing at least one person and wounding scores of others, police and witnesses said. The first bomb exploded on a packed minibus, which was carrying about 10 people into downtown Addis Ababa, ripping the vehicle apart, witnesses said. Demsach Hailu, spokesman for Ethiopia's federal police confirmed the explosion was caused by a bomb and said at least one person was killed. It was unclear how many people were injured. (AP Photo/Leslie Neuhau)

USA: Thousands Decry Immigration Bill
25 March 2006

Thousands stream into downtown Los Angeles Saturday for one of the city's largest pro-immigrant rallies. The crowd was estimated at more than 100,000.

Eta: End of an era?
22 March 2006

Basque separatists in Spain lay down their arms, declare permanent ceasefire


Kenyan's President Mwai Kibaki joins other leaders in cuting cake to commemorate 20th anversary
20 March 2006

Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki (C), Eritrean Minister for Agriculture Arefaine Berhe (R), Ethiopia Prime Minister Meles Zenawi (2nd R), Djibouti President Ismail Omar Guelleh (2nd L) and Sudan's President Omar Hassan al-Bashir cut a cake to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) in the Kenyan capital Nairobi March 20, 2006. East Africa must focus on solving the Ethiopia-Eritrea border dispute and also bolster the continent's credibility by shepherding Sudan's and Somalia's peace deals, regional leaders said on Monday. REUTERS/Presidential Press/Handout

Iraq war enters year four with more deaths
20 March 2006

Iraqi Shiite pilgrims flagellate themselves during a procession in Karbala on Monday. (AP)



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  Eritrea not into personnel talks but demarcation
     as decided

31 Mar 06
  Ethiopia no longer at crossroads, it has decided,
     it's not forward

30 Mar 06
  US lawmakers challenge Ethiopia on repression,
     human rights

29 Mar 06
  Ethiopia "at Crossroads," Warns U.S. Official
28 Mar 06
  Eritrea: Kenya Airways to fly to Asmara, Coca
     Cola in biz soon

28 Mar 06
  Eritrea again rebuffs involvement in Ethiopia
     bomb blasts

28 Mar 06
  Ethiopia: A series of bomb blasts rock capital

27 Mar 06
  Eritrea, Ethiopia, Abramoff, and Rohrbacher
26 Mar 06
  Irish NGO says Eritrea ordering it, 2 others to
     cease operations

24 Mar 06
  Eritrea expels US, British, and Irish NGO's
22 Mar 06
  Ethiopia: Court relents, drops charges against
     VOA reporters

22 Mar 06
  Eritrea: Memories of the Future
21 Mar 06 
  Ethiopia gripped by fear of regime
21 Mar 06
  Sudan hits out at Ethiopia in border dispute
20 Mar 06
  Kibaki urges Eritrea, Ethiopia to adhere to
     border agreement

20 Mar 06
  Eritrea denies reports of mass bird deaths
17 Mar 06
  Eritrea, Ethiopia: More details of recent London

16 Mar 06
  Eritrea: Report of massive bird deaths
 15 Mar 06 
  Eritrea, Ethiopia: UN extends UNMEE by 30 days,
     Res. 1661

 14 Mar 06 
  Eritrea reacts to Ethiopia attempt to backtrack
     on London deal

 14 Mar 06 
  Eritrea, Ethiopia: 30 days extension of UNMEE,
     then Observer Mission

13 Mar 06 
  Ethiopia rejects London agreement with Eritrea
13 Mar 06 
  Eritrea, Ethiopia: UN welcomes outcome of
     London meeting

13 Mar 06 
  Eritrea rebuffs Ethiopia bombing charges
13 Mar 06 
  Eritrea, Ethiopia: Breakthrough at border talks 
11 Mar 06 
  Eritrea, Ethiopia  open talks on resumption of
     marking border

10 Mar 06 
  Eritrea, Ethiopia: Meeting Called To Resume
     Marking  Border

09 Mar 06
  Eritrea will send reps. to Boundary Commission

09 Mar 06
  Eritrea, Italy: Tit-for-tat diplomatic row
09 Mar 06
  Eritrea, Ethiopia: Annan's latest report to the
     Security Council

08 Mar 06
  Ethiopia: Three explosions hit  capital - police
     07 Mar 06
  Ethiopia: Women's Race turned into anti
     government rally

06 Mar 06  
  Ethiopia: Largest women's race of the land
     attracts 8000 - IAA

05 Mar 06 
  Panic in Ethiopia : Austrian UN worker shot while

04 Mar 06
  Security Council Press Statement on Eritrea and

 04 Mar 06 

04 Mar 06
  Security Council demands Eritrea lift restrictions
     on UNMEE

03 Mar 06
  Eritrea rejects UN criticism, mulls over a meet
     with EEBC

  03 Mar 06
  Peace-keeper dies, sad Annan urges Eritrea to
     lift flight ban

02 Mar 06
  Eritrea at high risk for bird flu infection: WHO
02 Mar 06
  Sudan withdraws support for UN troops in Darfur
01 Mar 06 
  Ethiopia: Trial of opposition leaders postponed to
     22 March

01 Mar 06

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     13 April 2002
People in Addis Ababa   
celebrated the decision

Humans are forgetful, but history  persists, and Pics tell it all 
INITIALLY, Ethiopia indeed  ACCEPTED the border decision