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There is no dispute in the Horn
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   SC resolution too weak, Eritrea/Ethiopia on brink
     of war-UNMEE

31 Mar 05 
  Eritrea/Ethiopia: World must "act fast" to avert
     another war, UN

31 Mar 05 
  Eritrea/Ethiopia: Legwaila warns against renewed
     border war

31 Mar 05
  Eritrea: Septuagenarian engineers keep steam
     train chugging

26 Mar 05
  Eritrea/Ethiopia: L. Axworthy's Twaddle and
     Blame Game

26 Mar 05
  Eritrea/Ethiopia: UN envoy L. Axworthy talking
     nonsense again

 25 Mar 05
  Eritrea reportedly orders army to "stay alert"
24 Mar 05
  Eritrea: Reported meningitis outbreak nipped in
     the bud- WHO

24 Mar 05
  Eritrea:  2/3 of population has no access to
     drinking water, gov

 23 Mar 05
  Eritrea/Ethiopia: Peacekeepers con UN
     22 Mar 05
  Eritrea: Unmatchable work ethic & standard of
     service, hotelier
22 Mar 05
  Eritrea: Aid Group pulls out blaming Country's
     poor governance

22 Mar 05
  Eritrea/Ethiopia: Securing A Lasting Peace, K.
     Annan, A. Essy

21 Mar 05
  Eritrea: War widows saving for business
20 Mar 05
  Eritrea: UNSC fails to act, connives at Ethiopia's

15 Mar 05
  Annan tells Ethiopia to withdraw troops from
     border with Eritrea

11 Mar 05
  Eritrea/Ethiopia: Annan, EEBC file damning report
     on Ethiopia

 10 Mar 05
  Eritrea: Practical moves urgent to break Ethiopia's

 09 Mar 05
  Eritrea/Ethiopia: L. Axworthy lashes out at the US,
     "Dear Condi"

 09 Mar 05    

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             13 April 2002
      People in Addis Ababa   
      celebrated the decision
   Humans are forgetful, but history 
    persists, and Pics tell it all

      INITIALLY, Ethiopia indeed 
      ACCEPTED the border decision