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   Eritrea/Ethiopia: UN achieved nothing but "impasse"-
     UN envoy

  23 Sep 05
  Eritrea-Ethiopia Border stalemate could spark war -UN

 22 Sep 05
  Eritrea: US calls for prompt and fair trial of its
     detained staffers

20 Sep 05
  Eritrea defends lack of press freedom
18 Sep 05
  Eritrea: Latest UN resolution on border pathetic and

14 Sep 05
  Ethiopia must comply with border ruling
     unconditionally, UNSC

13 Sep 05
  What Went Wrong in Eritrea?
07 Sep 05
  Eritrea: WFP hopes USAID ban won't imperil
     humanitarian aid

07 Sep 05
  Eritrea may claim over $500mln in war damage-

06 Sep 05
  Eritrea: Government nixes USAID but not US aid
    31 Aug 05
  Eritrea: Government remains firm in decision to ban

31 Aug 05

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             13 April 2002
      People in Addis Ababa   
      celebrated the decision
   Humans are forgetful, but history 
    persists, and Pics tell it all

   INITIALLY, Ethiopia indeed 
   ACCEPTED the border decision