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Eritrea/Ethiopia: EEBC sole authority not central role player here


15 January 2005, EDnews – The endless attempts of UN special envoy for Eritrea and Ethiopia, Lloyd Axworthy, to create confusions regarding the Algiers peace accord and to distort UNSC resolution know no bounds. In a briefing to journalists yesterday, Mr. Axworthy has reportedly relegated the EEBC to a “central role player” in the border issue between Eritrea and Ethiopia and that “it remains to be the central part of the solution that has to be found”.


That shows Mr. Axworthy’s disdain and disrespect not only for the Algiers peace agreement but the EEBC. According to Algiers, the EEBC is not a “central role player” but the sole and exclusive authority on delimiting and implementing the delimitation decision. The EEBC is not any part of “the solution that has to be found”. It has already produced the solution that had to be found and there is no more “solution that has to be found” regardless of how and in what form Mr. Axworthy tries to negate the ultimate decision of the EEBC of 13 April 2002.


Mr. Axworthy is also quoted as saying “the resolution by the Security Council on Dec. 21st last year calling on both parties to get together and for the Commission to provide guidance to these parties as they work towards the implementation process.” That is a distortion. That statement never called on both parties to get together. The statement said “They (Members of the Security Council) look to the Commission to provide guidance to all parties involved as they work together on the implementation process”.  And the way that works is via the Field liaison Officers of each side under the sole authority and guidance of the EEBC, claro, sir?


When asked “As to breaking the deadlock”, Axworthy has reprtedly said, "ultimately there are only two people who can come to grips with that and these are the leaders of the two countries." First of all there is no deadlock for no one is debating, contesting, contending or arguing over anything. That Ethiopia is still talking about the border decision does not constitute deadlock but defiance, in which case Mr Axworthy’s job is to bring or even compel Ethiopia’s leader into compliance with Algiers. Eritrea’s leader has long been in compliance beyond any equivocation.


Mr. Axworthy is also reported to have described his job “as exploring ways to bring the two parties to the table and the reengagement of the Boundary Commission”.  Mr. Axworthy, your job is to make sure that the decision of the Boundary Commission is implemented as is and if necessary to offer your “help” to facilitate matters only towards that effect. The Boundary Commission cannot be reengaged anymore because the border decision is ultimate and the case is closed. All what both parties have and must do now is to cooperate with the Boundary Commission ( meaning do what is required and asked of them by the Commission without ifs and buts).


Mr. Axworthy, if that is really how you intend to fulfill your mission as a UN special envoy for Eritrea and Ethiopia, then you are not only flying with one wing but you are flying with one broken wing and you should brace yourself for a terrible crash-landing because you are abusing your responsibility as clearly articulated by UNSC press release SC/7997 that recalled UNSC press release SC/7972.

Good luck in your flight with one broken wing, sir.