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Eritrea: Asena Inaugural Radio Broadcast Successful

17 February 2009 (EritreaDaily)-- As promised last week, Asena launched its inaugural Radio Broadcast to Eritrea successfully yesterday between 8:30-9:30 PM local time.

Asena is the popular identifier of an Eritrean opposition website at Asena the website was first launched on the eve of the 16th Independence Anniversary of Eritrea on 23 May 2007 by Eritreans abroad who stood in opposition to the tyrannical terror perpetuated on our people of Eritrea by Isais Afawarki.

In his inaugral broadcast, Emanuel Iyassu, founding member and team leader of Asena, outlined the political objectives and identity of team Asena. “Asena is not affiliated or associated with any clique, political organization or the reining tyrannical regime of Afawarki and his pfdj gangs.” said Mr. Iyassu.

Radio Asena is a radio station of the people, by the people, and for the people” the team leader assured his listeners.

Dimtsi Asena will broadcast three days a week in two languages to start with: Mondays and Wednesday in Tigrigna and Fridays in Arabic, added Iyasu.

Further, Emanuel outlined the following five objectives and goals of Asena:

  1. Provide an alternative radio station that frees the people from the media-monopoly of the sole tyrannical propaganda radio station of the land.

  2. Raise popular awareness about basic human and democratic rights and foster popular participation in politics

  3. Provide a platform where the culture of tolerating differences of opinions and political dissent is nurtured.

  4. Be an example of a free, fair, transparent, and literally independent mass media outlet that advances the cause of a diverse but united people and country of Eritrea and promotes all efforts towards a prosperous and advanced Eritrea.

  5. Engage in projects and research that advance the tenets and principles of an independent mass media outlet.

Read full text of Mr. Iyasu's broadcast in Tigrigna at or



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