Horn of Africa: All eyes on defiant Ethiopia

Hands off compliant Eritrea

Editorial: Team EritreaDaily.net




The Horn of Africa is experiencing diplomatic race

The British, German, and UN reps. are all in place

Their mission cannot go yonder and other

Than to reemphasize UNSCís recent letter

Urging Ethiopia to abide by border decision

For there is no alternative to the commission

There is no crisis but Ethiopiaís defiance

For Eritrea is and has been in compliance

And the world stands by border ruling

Except for Ethiopiaís defiant brawling

So, all eyes on defiant Ethiopia

And hands off compliant Eritrea

Itís over with the talk show

Time to enforce rule of law


What is Eritrea to do beyond compliance?

Join the camp of Ethiopia in its defiance?

Politics is dirty, but rule of law is clear

Societal normalcy, or anarchy and fear

A question Horn diplomats must answer

Itís not about Eritrea, Ethiopia or border


Ethiopia rulersí problems with their nation

Is of their own making and machination

Canít blame Eritrea or border commission

But their failed policies and administration

Itís okay to make up for Ethiopiaís legal blow

But thereís no substitute for the rule of law


Dispute not about location of one geographic entity

Ethiopia challenged Eritreaís border in its entirety

That some town falls within Eritrea

Does not mean it disfavors Ethiopia

Itís a mere consequence of legal delimitation

Which has nothing to do with townsí location

And in that sense

Without pretense

The decision did not favor any one either way

Ethiopia defies it because it didnít go its way

It is not Burger King, Ethiopia canít have its way

Break Ethiopiaís defiance if rule of law is to stay


For all starters and all new entry

A recap of stone-age pre-history

There was once upon a very, very long time

When conquer & conquest was at its prime

A feudal stretch of land called Abyssinia

Today down to what is known as Ethiopia

That is still living in the era of feudalism

Killed dead and deader by colonialism

It claimed land stretching from Egypt to S. Africa

Now wallowing in dreams about creating a replica

Colonialism created modern geopolitical entities

Which the world accepted as irreversible realities

Creating landlocked Ethiopia

Giving rise to coastal Eritrea


Ethiopia in denial about colonial consequences

Now sought to undo Eritrea using all its forces

2 years of war and international intervention

Forced Ethiopia to agree to legal arbitration

Both signed to abide by ruling of the agreement

UN guaranteed to enforce ruling without argument

Court announced its verdict in one instance

Eritrea complied, Ethiopia declared defiance

Ethiopia began singing Abyssinian dialogue Blues

Alternative mechanism contrary to border truce

18 months and couldnít win one single country

World stood by ruling of commission of boundary

Finally, UNSC killed Abyssiniaís dialogue blues

No alternative mechanism, tightened the noose

Said final & binding nature in no uncertain meaning

Called upon Ethiopia to comply with border ruling

Horn diplomats must make that to their mission

Guide Ethiopia to compliance with the commission

And submission to the rule of law

Upon which world can go high or low

All the diplomatic ballet in the Horn

Must see Ethiopiaís defiance is torn


Yes, all eyes on defiant Ethiopia

Leave alone compliant Eritrea



Team Eritrea Daily