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For Ethiopia, utter compliance only way to refute noncompliance   

By Team Eritrea Daily
10 Dec 2004

                                      Ethiopia remains the only country
                                      disputing a final & binding verdict, 
                                      for all else it is over, the case is
                                      closed. And by treaty, the verdict 
                                      must be accepted in its entirety, no
                                      partial acceptance/demarcation,
                                      cannot be reopened, reargued,
                                      renegotiated, or appealed, and
                                      there is no recourse of any kind.
                                      Eritrea and Ethiopia agreed a priori to accept the verdict so rendered and wherever the chips may fall, under the penalty of Chapter VII of UN Charter for noncompliance. So wanted in particular Ethiopia the verdict to be.

Ethiopia's adamant negation of what the rest of the world has accepted (the reality and existence of the verdict) is understandable: Ethiopians entered the legal arbitration of the border dispute with the firm but false belief that it will be decided in their favor. But the decision did not go Ethiopia's way and Ethiopians became victims of a psycho-psychiatric disorder known as DENIAL: Ethiopians refuse to believe that it was not decided in their favor to this date.

By treaty of Algiers, noncompliance with the decision of the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission is no joke. But the international community has been and is going easy with Ethiopia doing all it could to reconcile Ethiopia with the reality of a legal verdict that didn't go its way without invoking Chapter VII. To that effect and as lately as September 2004, the UN Security Council repeated its call for Ethiopia's strict and prompt adherence to the Algiers Agreement (Res 1531, 1560- 2004). Ethiopia won't heed to that call. Instead, Ethiopia came up with what it called "Five point proposal" that by all standards constituted brazen circumvention and violation, not compliance with the Algiers Agreement.

Eritrea dismissed Ethiopia's Five-point proposal as a serious noncompliance, flagrant violation of the Algiers Agreement, and as a major setback.

Ethiopia's Minister of information, Bereket Simon countered Eritrea's dismissive reaction by saying " the refusal lof the Eritrean government to accept Ethiopia's new peace initiative claiming that it drags back to the Algiers Peace Agreement is absolutely groundless and is not acceptable. Ethiopia's five-point new peace proposal put forward to resolve the Ethiopia-Eritrea border conflict complies fully with the Algiers Peace Agreement".

Well, the world knows that Eritrea is in full compliance with Algiers Agreement. Ethiopia is noncompliant. And o
ne, only, and the right way to refute noncompliance is not to keep refuting Eritrea's/others charges of noncompliance but to prove utter compliance in words and deeds.:

In Words,

1. Restate unequivocal acceptance of the 13 April 2004
    decision of The Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission.

And in deeds,

2. Demonstrate respect for the decision of the Commission by
    withdrawing Ethiopian troops from all sovereign Eritrean
    territories as determined by the April 13 2004 decision
3. Appoint field liaison officers and pay Commission's dues
4. Cooperate with the Commission and its directives and
    orders, its experts and other staff. Take the necessary
    steps to enable the Commission to demarcate the border
    without further delay.

Mr. Simon, that is the only way to prove that Ethiopia's Five-point proposal is in full compliance with the Algiers Agreement. No need to worry about Eritrea or about what Eritreans label your proposal, just take the steps listed above and you have proven your case beyond reasonable doubt. How about that? Absent that Ethiopia remains defiant regardless of how often you refute charges of noncompliance.