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Eritrea: UN’s Axworthy running amok lying about border issue




17 Jan 2005, EDnews – It is on the record that the peace process between Eritrea and Ethiopia has been frozen since October 2003 after Ethiopia refused to accept the border ruling and subsequently prevented the demarcation of the shared border by threatening to use force otherwise in an outright and flagrant violation of the peace accord both countries signed and agreed to abide by, wherever the chips may fall. These are the indelible facts of the matter; and Ethiopia has remained as adamantly defiant as before to this date.


The international community put its credibility and all that what it stands for on line to make sure that the Algiers peace accord goes beyond bringing finality to Eritrea/Ethiopia conflict to bringing about sustainable peace, stability, and yes prosperity to both nations.


The Algiers agreement was necessitated by the need to end the senseless two-year Eritrea/Ethiopia carnage over border dispute and to get the parties to resolve the matter peacefully via legally arbitrated dialogue (arbitration) in a legal setting of their own choice. The ultimate and conclusive resolution of the border dispute was, thus, the crux and kernel of the Algiers peace accord because it was the mother of all evils between and within the two countries. Accordingly and then, the unequivocal acceptance of the decision of the boundary commission, established by the unequivocal consent of both parties as the only, sole, exclusive, and ultimate authority over the shared border, is a sine qua non for and the only key to peace, stability, and prosperity between and within both nations.


Eritrea has long accepted the border decision unequivocally not because it got all what it wanted but in reverence to the international commitment it entered into, knowing and accepting that no legal verdict let alone arbitration can satisfy both parties, and in view of the bigger picture of achieving finality to the endless border dispute.


On the other hand, Ethiopia simply refuses to accept the border decision unequivocally because it didn’t go its way in flat out contravention of the peace agreement it signed thereby bringing the peace process to a still stand. And that has been the only cause for whatever the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia are going through and continue to go through until the international community makes up its mind in this mater.


By its defiant action, Ethiopia has been holding the prospect for peace, stability, and prosperity in the region hostage for now pretty 3 months less than 3 years with impunity.


Unless people, like UN envoy L. Axworthy, perceive the universe in reverse order, no one can blame Eritrea for adhering to the peace agreement it signed with Ethiopia and for calling others to follow suit?


Nonetheless, UN special envoy Lloyd Axworthy has been running amok lying about what has stalled the peace process by constantly talking about border dispute/conflict without producing a shred of evidence for what is being disputed or in conflict for nearly one year now. The psychology of Axworthy’s scandalous maneuvers is at least twofold: a) Job security, he must keep talking about conflict/dispute or else he has no job. b) A futile attempt to undermine the finality of the border decision.  Following are more of Mr. Axworthy’s lies:


“Millions of people remain in abject poverty in Ethiopia as a result of the impact of the country's border dispute with Eritrea”, a UN envoy to the region (axworthy) said on Friday. That is a lie because it is Ethiopia’s refusal to accept the resolution of the border dispute that is having that impact. The border dispute has already been resolved; it is real and exists in the form of EEBC decision dated 13 April 2002. Ethiopia’s refusal to accept the decision does not constitute a dispute/conflict but makes Ethiopia defiant for no one else is contesting it.


"More people are condemned to poverty than are lifted from poverty because of this conflict," Axworthy told reporters in Addis Ababa. "The on-going conflict on the border has an impact on some 15 million Ethiopians being denied the opportunity to rise above the poverty line," he added. This is another typical Axworthy lie because he talks of conflict without saying what is being disputed.


“Axworthy held talks with Ethiopia's Prime Minister Meles Zenawi on Thursday. He said the stalemate, now entering its fifth year, was hampering the fight against poverty.” There is no stalemate because no one is debating or arguing over anything. It is certainly a stalemate between defiant Ethiopia and Guarantor Nations


“The UN has also planned to hold series of meetings with the two nations with the objective of resolving the conflict between them, he added.” It is more of the same lie expressed more deceptively by mentioning the UN. Now, what are you talking about, Mr.Axworthy? Why would the UN want to hold a series of meetings with Eritrea when the UN’s declared and unequivocal objective is to see the decision of the boundary commission accepted and implemented unequivocally and when Eritrea is in full compliance with that beyond any doubt? The UN considers and treats the border dispute conclusively resolved and isn’t it why it has been calling for the unequivocal acceptance of the border decision and has consistently dismissed any notion of alternative mechanism?  What conflict are you talking about? Why would the UN hold a series of meetings to resolve a conflict that it has already declared and accepted resolved? As far as Algiers is concerned, and that is what it’s all about, the UN has no problem with Eritrea at all but every problem with Ethiopia and hence the UN has every reason to hold meetings with Ethiopia and power to it. But Axworthy has to involve Eritrea to create the impression of “conflict”, that is his job. The UN may hold meetings with Eritrea but not to resolve conflicts because there is nothing that Eritrea disputes or is in conflict with.


Axworthy added of his role: "It's a tough, serious but important effort to try to bring two very serious opponents together and that's our job."(IRIN-17 Jan 05)


Mr. Axworthy, allow me to be philosophical about this because I don’t know of a better way of explaining this to you, sorry. Certainly no one can be against bringing “opponents” together, it surely sounds good and that’s why you are using it, but that is illusory, that’s not your job, and it is a lie.


Nothing prevents Mr. Axworthy from willfully re-defining and re-describing his job description, but nothing can change the facts of Mr. Axworhty’s job description as clearly established by UNSC press release SC/7997 that recalled SC/7972. Mr. Axorthy, your job is to make sure that the conclusive resolution of the hostility that pulled the two parties apart in the first place is unequivocally accepted and implemented, and if necessary to act as a catalyst only towards that effect. 


Mr. Axworthy, it is not only “tough and serious” but impossible to bring two “very serious” opponents together when the cause that led to the disruption of their normal relationship in the first place still persists. That is the diktat of the order of things in the universe: No one can remedy the effect without eliminating the cause. Again, it is a simple matter of putting ‘cause and effect’ in the right order.


The cause of the hostility between the two parties was the border dispute. And that cause has been legally and conclusively eliminated by way of the decision of the boundary commission, which Eritrea has long accepted unequivocally as stipulated by treaty of Algiers.


Should Ethiopia follow suit, as it must, then the basis for rapprochement and eventual restoration of ordinary bilateral relationship would have been established. Other than that any and every attempt to bring the parties together is doomed to fail because of the absence of the requisite basis (unequivocal acceptance and implementation of the border decision) for that.


Mr. Axworthy, it goes without saying, therefore, that it is very worth taking into full consideration the fact that any and all attempts to bring opponents together without first establishing the indispensable basis for it is bound to fail because it defies the unalterable order of things in the universe. Check that out, sir.


“He also spoke of his "regret" that Eritrea had still refused to meet him a full year into his job which was established to help try and break the current stalemate. "There is no doubt that having access to the leadership of Eritrea would have made this process easier," he said. Axworthy added of his role: "It's a tough, serious but important effort to try to bring two very serious opponents together and that's our job."  That is one of Mr. Axworthy’s favorite gutter lies. No one has denied Axworthy access to the leadership of Eritrea. But in diplomacy, access to leadership is kind of different than access to Burger King, McDonalds, Barber Shop, or Beauty Saloon because diplomacy doesn’t allow Walk-ins. To have access to leadership Axworthy must first articulate the purpose and intent of his request and forward it through the proper channel and if every thing goes well his request would be granted or if necessary more info might be requested prior to granting the request. You can do that Mr. Axworthy. Tell Eritreans for what purpose you are seeking access to leadership?


No short cuts, Mr. Axworthy. Do it the right way and good things might come to you. If you would take my advice, then it would make your life considerably easier and boost your credibility if you would let the world know WHAT IS BEING DISPUTED BETWEEN Eritrea and Ethiopia instead of talking about imaginary dispute/conflict. You are always welcome in Eritrea, but remember, access to leadership does not allow walk-ins even for Eritreans.


Finally, Mr. Axworthy, unequivocal acceptance of the border decision has been established by the international community as the standard for peace, stability, and prosperity between Eritrea, Ethiopia and the solution for all the maladies you are talking about. And if you want to contribute to that, which I certainly hope, then stop lying about what is holding up the peace process and get Ethiopia to comply with that unequivocally. There is no dispute or conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia and you have not and you can’t provide an iota of proof of that.  It is all about Ethiopia’s futile attempt to renege on binding international agreement. We all need our bread and butter, but that is the ineffaceable fact, sir. Thank you.





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