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   NGOs Losing Privileged Status
31 Jan 06
  Eritrea: Inaction in Ethiopia manifests int'l. double

31 Jan 06
  When corporate hospitality inspires hostility
 31 Jan 06 
  Sudan boycotts Danish products over offense to

31 Jan 06
  Africa's hunger - a systemic crisis
 31 Jan 06
  DJIBOUTI: Khat dominates male life in this tiny

30 Jan 06
  Sub-Saharan Africa economy: Digging deep
30 Jan 06
  Ethiopia: A Modest Proposal & Open Letter to M.

30 Jan 06
  Africa taking turns for the worse
29 Jan 06
  Aid plea for Somalia drought victims
29 Jan 06
  Bahrain: Lifeline for abused Au Pairs
29 Jan 06
  Eritrea slams U.S. for "evil" moves in border row
28 Jan 06
  Eritrea: Waiting in vain to return to border home
28 Jan 06
  Eritrea: Misguided Policy Undermining American
     Image- MoI

28 Jan 06
  UK punishes detainees for protesting after Eritrean

27 Jan 06
  ERITREA/UK: Immigrantís death sparks protests
26 Jan 06
  Ethiopia: President of largest state-owned bank shot

26 Jan 06
  ERITREA: IDPs prepare to return to their villages
 26 Jan 06
  Australian miner increases Eritrea stake
25 Jan 06 
  Sudan supports Iran's peaceful use of nuclear energy
25 Jan 06
  Eritrea, Ethiopia: AU summit calls for human rights

25 Jan 06
  The world fiddles while Sudan burns
25 Jan 06
  Eritrea defends snub of US Mission
23 Jan 06
  Sudan ready to withdraw its bid to head AU
23 Jan 06
  Ethiopia expels foreign reporter
 23 Jan 06
  Presidents of Eritrea and Algeria won't attend AU

19 Jan 06
  US mission lands in Ethiopia after canceling trip
     to Eritrea

19 Jan 06
  US mission to Eritrea canceled altogether 
18 Jan 06
  Eritrea vs Ethiopia: the shadow of war 
18 Jan 06
  Eritrea: US mission not barred but redundant post
     prior talks

18 Jan 06
  Eritrea: Doubts over US mission
18 Jan 06
  Eritrea: US mission to ease border tensions on hold
17 Jan 06
  Eritrea rejects US peace mission
17 Jan 06
  US leverage with Ethiopia key to Eritrea border
     row- Analysis

15 Jan 06
  Eritrea: Ass. Sec. J. Frazer on Trip to the region
14 Jan 06
  US Eritrea-Ethiopia mission still on despite Asmara

12 Jan 06
  Eritrea: Sample letter of support to
     Amb. John Bolton

12 Jan 06
  Eritrea, Ethiopia: US Initiative Offers Chance For

12 Jan 06
  Eritrea: Nothing against US border-initiative per se
11 Jan 06
  Eritrea, Ethiopia meet UN demand to relocate
     troops- UN

11 Jan 06
  Eritrea, Ethiopia: Remarks by Amb. Bolton after
     UNSC Meet
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10 Jan 06
  Eritrea, Ethiopia: U.S. initiative to mark contested

    09 Jan 06
  Eritrea, Ethiopia: US envoy to try to end border
 John Bolton speaks up- Video
09 Jan 06
  Annan's  most recent progress report on Eritrea
     and Ethiopia

     06 Jan 06 
  Eritrea/Ethiopia: Continued troop maneuvers
     along border-UN

 06 Jan 06 
  US bars Humvee sales to Ethiopia after
     post-election violence

05 Jan 06
  Eritrea, Ethiopia: Annan urges action on UN force
04 Jan 06
  Eritrea, Ethiopia: 'Dangerous stalemate' could end

03 Jan 06
  UNSC to study Eritrea & Ethiopia, it's Tanzania's

03 Jan 06
  Eritrea accepts most recent ruling of
     int'l body (EECC)

28 Dec 05
  Eritrea, Ethiopia: It's either Res.1640 or facing UN

26 Dec 05
  Eritrea, Ethiopia noncompliant, both face
     sanctions- UN

23 Dec 05
  Eritrea, Ethiopia fail to comply with Res.1640,
     face sanctions

23 Dec 05
  Eritrea, Ethiopia: The Jus ad Belllum report of
     the EECC

21 Dec 05
  Eritrea responsible for starting border war,
     Int'l body

21 Dec 05

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     13 April 2002
People in Addis Ababa   
celebrated the decision
Humans are forgetful, but history  persists, and Pics tell it all
INITIALLY, Ethiopia indeed 
ACCEPTED the border decision