ERITREA: 1890 - 1990
        Happy Centennial
ERITREA: 1991 - 2005
    Happy 14th Independence Day
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There is no dispute in the Horn
 Asmara Skyline Project 
In Memory of Foreign Minister and veteran of Eritrea's war for national Independence,
H.E. Ali Said Abdalla.

May you rest in peace
28 August 2005

Tribute to Minister Ali Said in Moslem Tradition by

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   Eritrea: Government nixes USAID but not US aid
     31 Aug 05
  Eritrea: Government remains firm in decision to ban

 31 Aug 05
   Kilmessan couple dig deep to provide water for

 31 Aug 05 
  Eritrea: Qatar, Yemen offer condolences on death of

  30 Aug 05
  Eritrea: USAID's Operating Status
30 Aug 05
  Eritrea: Government rejects U.S. aid
30 Aug 05
  Senior US diplomats in Eritrea seeking to resolve
     USAID row

29 Aug 05
  Eritrea: South Africa pays tribute to FM Ali Said

 29 Aug 05
  Eritrea: U.S. delegation arrives to discuss USAID
 29 Aug 05 
  Eritrea:  FM died of heart attack, autopsy
28 Aug 05 
  Eritrea: Foreign Minister Ali Said succumbs to a heart

28 Aug 05
  Eritrea: US to dispatch top-level team to tackle row
     over USAID

27 Aug 05
  Lessons from battle-scarred Eritrea 
26 Aug 05
  Eritrea: Government asks USAID to cease operations
25 Aug 05
  Ethiopia: May polls, subsequent re-runs not up to
     standards, EU

 25 Aug 05
  U.N. cautions Eritrea over impounding aid vehicles
24 Aug 05
  Eritrea in Cecafa semi-finals
24 Aug 05
  Ethiopia: voting under gunpoint, shots fired, one

21 Aug 05
  Worries in Ethiopia: Hoping against hope that a star
     won't fizzle

   20 Aug 05 
  Ethiopia: Court says plea for injunction beyond its

20 Aug 05
  USDA's CCC buys 100,000 MT white wheat for Eritrea 
  19 Aug 05
  Ethiopia: Elections in Somali regional state postponed
 19 Aug 05
  Ethiopia: Election turmoil, injunction to prevent rerun
     polling filed

19 Aug 05
  Eritrea: NGO's won't pay; Govt. yields, releases
     blocked aid

17 Aug 05
  Eritrea says Ethiopia border stalemate hits tourism
17 Aug 05
  Eritrea pays, row over taxation of food aid resolved
15 Aug 05
  Ethiopia: Govt. vows to crush any move against
     election results

 10 Aug 05
  Ethiopia: Opposition rejects final election results
 09 Aug 05
  Ethiopia: Woyané claims victory again, opposition
     rejects it

   09 Aug 05 
  Ethiopia rulers reject opposition's call for national
     unity govt.

06 Aug 05 
  Eritrea/Ethiopia: Annan appoints yet another D.
     Special Rep.
     29 July 05     
  Ethiopia: It's my way or face consequences, Meles
     warns rivals

     29 July 05  
  Ethiopia: Opposition reject latest ballet results, call
     for re-election

    27 July 05 
  ONLF threatens to thwart Ethiopia's oil deal with

     26 July 05 
  ETHIOPIA: Confusion about election results
22 July 05

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             13 April 2002
      People in Addis Ababa   
      celebrated the decision
   Humans are forgetful, but history 
    persists, and Pics tell it all

   INITIALLY, Ethiopia indeed 
   ACCEPTED the border decision