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  Eritrea: Sudan lodges complaint with AU on kidnapping

31 May 05
  Somali port for import of nerve gas against Eritrea,
     Somali site

31 May 05
  Eritrea curbs non-government organizations
30 May 05
  Eritrea: Strangled economy hobbles on rocky path
29 May 05
  Eritrea: EriTree completes Water Project successfully
     28 May 05
  Eritrea: Malnutrition rates jump amid funding
     shortfall, UN

27 May 05
  Eritrea/Ethiopia: Annan appoints Adechi new deputy

 25 May 05
  Eritrea/Ethiopia: Asylum seekers demand legitimate

       24 May 05
  Eritrea: Ethiopia "preparing" to attack country,

       24 May 05
  Eritrea: Born 1890, put on death row 1941, eluded
     death 1991

23 May 05
  ERITREA: EU allocates 620,000 for emergency food

19 May 05
  ERITREA: Coping with economic hardships
19 May 05
  Sudan sets conditions for normal ties with Eritrea
       17 May 05
  Eritrea/Sudan: Libyan leader effects reconciliation

16 May 05
  Eritrea: Empower a woman & you empower entire

16 May 05
  Eritrea joins six other African nations for Darfur-
     summit in Libya

16 May 05
  Eritrea ever present in Ethiopia's imperial politics,
     election or not

15 May 05
  Eritrea/Ethiopia: Punish Ethiopia for noncompliance, 
     Bloc MP

11 May 05
  Eritrea/Ethiopia: Canada's efforts OK, but futile if

10 May 05
  Eritrea/Ethiopia: Conflict could heat up, official tells

 10 May 05
  Eritrea: Battle to save 'lost ' language
       10 May 05
  Eritrea/Ethiopia: Canada presses Ethiopia to abide
     by rule of law

06 May 05
  Eritrea/Ethiopia: Transcript of US Congress Hearing,
     5 May 05

05 May 05
  US Lawmakers Urge Eritrea, Ethiopia to Settle
     Border Dispute

05 May 05
  Eritrea/Ethiopia: US Congress Hearing, false
     background info

04 May 05
  Eritrea/Ethiopia: Ethiopia must comply, else no aid,

04 May 05
  Eritrea/Sudan: Efforts under way to normalize ties,

04 May 05
  Eritrea/Ethiopia: Why fighting talk could lead to all-
     out hostilities

03 May 05
  Eritrea relief fundraiser in Kentucky, Sen. Gerald

29 Apr 05
  Eritrea: A success story, reports World Bank
     28 Apr 05
  Eritrean president, Garang discuss ties, peace in

27 Apr 05
  Eritrea: An embattled state of mind 
27 Apr 05
  Eritrea: SPLM leader Dr John Garang arrives for

26 Apr 05
  Eritrea: UNMEE's ridiculous media blitz over a petty

26 Apr 05
  Sheer hypocrisy: Ethiopia accuses Eritrea of
     training rebels

24 Apr 05
  Eritrea: Factual distortions, lies, la 'The
     Economist' magazine


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             13 April 2002
      People in Addis Ababa   
      celebrated the decision
   Humans are forgetful, but history 
    persists, and Pics tell it all

      INITIALLY, Ethiopia indeed 
      ACCEPTED the border decision